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March 16, 2013: Crochet-Along Kick Off! [Top]

We're kicking off our latest Crochet-Along! As a group we will be working on two patterns: a cowl, and a Jacob's Snakes and Ladders blanket.

April 19 and 20, 2013: Annual Retreat [Top]

Jacob's Ladders class: learn how to do the basic, straight ladder, how to zig and zag, how to cross ladders, how to start a ladder in the middle of the fabric without leaving a hole, dividing one ladder into two, merging two ladders into one, the two-colour single crochet method, and how to use Jacob's Ladders to join motifs together. This technique seems complicated, but it uses very basic stitches, usually double crochet and chain stitches. This class is structured to start out simply and gradually progress to more advanced maneuvers, so students can participate for as long as they feel comfortable.

Multiple Stitch Day: we'll learn how to do a variety of stitch patterns such as the Crocodile Stitch and Bavarian Crochet.

May 18, 2013: Textured Flowers [Top]

At this meeting we'll learn how to make a variety of textured flowers, and how to take these sometimes odd shapes and turn them into square motifs.

June 15, 2013: open stitch time [Top]

July 20, 2013: Warming Families round-robin [Top]

August 17, 2013: Warming Families round-robin [Top]

September 21, 2013: open stitch time [Top]

October 19, 2013: final planning for the Creativ Festival booth. [Top]

October 23-27, 2013: Fall Creativ Festival [Top]

November 16, 2013: Annual General Meeting [Top]

December 7, 2013: End Of Year party! [Top]

This is the one meeting of the year that we actually pre-plan the Potluck! A list is passed around at the November meeting where members sign up for what they're going to bring. If this is your first meeting, don't worry about trying to fit your dish in - the pre-planning makes sure we have a nice, balanced meal, and an additional dish or two will only make it better!

End Of Year Potluck 2011

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