What to expect at a guild meeting

The third Saturday of the month has rolled around and it's time for a guild meeting! You make your way to 346 Strathmore Blvd., either by car (there is street and Green P parking in the area) or by TTC (we meet directly across the street from Coxwell Station on the Bloor-Danforth subway line).

Turn 180 degrees to see Coxwell Station.

Doors open by 10:30am. You enter the church and head down a small flight of stairs (an elevator is also available) where you find a friendly group of crocheters!

You find yourself a seat, get your current project out, and get your potluck dish set up if needed. We have access to a full kitchen, should you need to reheat or refrigerate your dish before lunch.

This morning time is an excellent time to catch up with your fellow guild members, and get some help with whatever crochet project you're working on.

We enjoy our potluck lunch at noon.

End Of Year Party Potluck 2011 (results not typical)

After lunch we hold a short business meeting which ends with everyone's favourite: Show and Share! Bring us your latest finished projects to show off.

During the remainder of the meeting we either hold a class, a presentation, a charity round-robin, an open stitch time, or we use the time to prepare for a large upcoming event, such as the Creativ Festival.

To see exactly what we have planned for each meeting, check our calendar: